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Machines: How They Work

While designs and technology have changed, Ramsey Winches have been manufactured and built in the U.S.A. — that is something that we have NEVER changed for over 70 years.

Discovery Science came to Ramsey Winch to discovery what makes a winch so powerful and broke the machinery down to its basic parts to understand how it does what it does.
Machines: How They Work
  dives deep inside ordinary machines to reveal their extraordinary inner workings.

MACHINES: HOW THEY WORK goes inside the incredible machinery behind everyday objects. See the extraordinary inner workings of a Ramsey Winch!


We put the same dedication to quality and excellence that was featured on Science Discovery’s special segment on Ramsey Winch. Ready to see the Ramsey Difference for yourself? Check out our current promotions:

Ramsey Winch – Trusted for decades by those who seek out the toughest trails and the most demanding terrain. We make a wide range of winches and accessories designed for efficient self-recovery of off-road or crawl vehicles and ATVs. Trust you and your vehicle to the made-in-America winch known for the highest quality materials and workmanship. The one built for strength and long-lasting dependability – the one and only Ramsey Winch.